The HR Platform: Your Wiser Choice


For Business

Employee Handbook

Is your employee handbook outdated? Getting it compliant with the most update practices can save you lots of dollars.

Performance Management

Formal annual appraisals or on-going feedback sessions?
Every organization is different. Let’s discuss the most efficient way.

Employee Relations

What are the issues affecting your employees? Conflicts can distract them from delivering results.

Employment Practices

Get Advice: Onboarding, Exit Interviews, Policies and Procedures, Terminations, Compensation, Job Descriptions and more.

For Individuals

Resume Writing

Is your resume ATS friendly? Recruiters spend an average of 7 seconds scanning your document. Are you conveying your expertise in this time frame? Let’s discuss it together.

LinkedIn Optimization

Did you know you can be found by recruiters on LinkedIn if you follow certain artificial intelligence parameters? LinkedIn is by far the largest platform for job seekers and job hunters. Having an optimal profile can lead you to a job offer faster than you think.

Interview Preparation

Most employers today use behavioral-based and/or panel interviews in their recruiting process. How prepared are you? If you made it to this phase, be certain the job is already yours. However, if your performance in the interview is poor, the job offer may not be extended. Confidence and preparation are everything!
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