So far, I have learned many interview etiquettes and have groomed my interview skills. To assist many, especially new graduates who are now planning to apply for jobs, I have listed down a few minor, but compelling etiquettes to practice before, during & after an interview to be successful.

Both in-person & virtual interview etiquettes are mentioned to prepare an interviewee with well-rounded interview skills.

Do share it with newbies to the world of interviews and hiring.


  • Research: Explore the company, job profile, and culture to ascertain the company’s contribution to achieving your professional goal.
  • Prepare: Rehearse expected interview Qs to leave a strong footprint post the interview.
  • Elevator Speech: write down and practice ways to be concise when explaining your most important skills, strengths, and ideas to sell yourself better.
  • Dress: Learn about the company’s culture and dress accordingly during the interview. In a virtual interview, please make sure you are not underestimating this factor.
  • Be on Time: It is recommended to reach the interview venue 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Be online at least 5 minutes before the time in a virtual interview.
  • Mute the Cellphone: Do make sure that your phone is not creating any hindrance during the interview.
  • Hardcopies of Resume: If it is a panel interview do make sure to have sufficient hard copies for each interviewer.
  • References: Keep your professional references ready. The interviewer may ask for it.
  • Virtual Interview: If it is an online interview make sure to have a reliable internet connection and mentioned application installed.
  • Professional Background: In a virtual interview, background matters. So, make sure the background, lighting, and other elements such as background noise, are taken care of.
  • Test speaker & video beforehand to experience a hassle-free virtual interview.

During the Interview

  • Audio & Video: In a virtual interview make sure the audio & camera is on and the place the camera in front of you.
  • Handshake: Do a firm handshake with the interviewer, if they are comfortable (COVID has changed many things!)
  • Smile: Do not forget to wear a smile!
  • Eye Contact: Eye contact is a must. It gives the feeling of interest and confidence to the interviewer. In a virtual interview maintain eye contact by looking straight in-camera.
  • Body Language: It reveals whether the candidate is confident, goal-oriented, and focused – or indeed, whether the candidate might be bored, insecure, or nervous.
  • Self Promotion: If you are passionate about something that directly relates to the work the company does do not be afraid to mention that and show how well you would mesh with the company’s core values.
  • Do not trash the Employer: Do not speak ill about any of your past employers.
  • Do ask Qs: Asking Qs can give the opportunity to further highlight some of the qualities, skills, and experience, and show the employer why you are a terrific match for the job.

Post Interview

  • Thank You: Send ‘Thank You’ email to interviewers for their time & showcasing your interest in the job.
  • Update References: Contact professional references you shared and educate them that they could expect a call from the potential employer.
  • Follow Up: After a week follows up with the company to know the status.
  • Wait Patiently: Patient is the key. However, keep applying for jobs unless you receive an offer.

Apply the above tips and feel the difference. Keep Learning!

*This article was taken from  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/interview-etiquettes-in-person-virtual-krupa-dave/

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